Lunch Bunch

Once a month, from September to June, ladies of the church are invited to gather at a restaurant for a friendly lunch. There is no agenda. There is no executive. This is just a friendly time to get together with food and fellowship. It started as a group of ladies, but has grown to include men as well. Each month a different person volunteers to "be in charge".

She contacts a local restaurant to confirm availability. She notifies the church office, so a message is put in the bulletin.  Individuals contact her to say whether or not they are able to attend. Sometimes, reminder calls are necessary.  At the lunch, each person orders and pays for their own meal. This is a nice way to meet new people, and to catch up with friends.

Everyone is welcome. Don't wait to be invited - when you see the bulletin notice, contact the person in charge, and join the bunch for lunch. Usually, the second Monday of the month.