Children and Worship

Children and Worship has been a part of St. Paul’s since 2009, but has been a ministry of The Presbyterian Church in Canada (and other denominations around the world) for over 25 years.

Children and Worship is a beautiful way to present Bible stories through worship. This program helps children experience and learn about God; and is based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori who has revolutionized the education of children.

The congregation of St. Paul’s has built a beautiful worship space in the lower hall and is excited to be able to provide  a unique and innovative way to worship with children. The children begin worship in the sanctuary with their families, and after a special time with the minister move to their own “child-size and child-friendly place.”  In the worship centre, they will experience God through singing, a Bible story, prayer and responding to the story in a way that is meaningful to them as individuals.


The Stories

The essential stories that form us as God’s people are presented to the children each week. The religious language of biblical stories, parables and liturgy are translated into beautiful concrete materials. There is even a desert box for the biblical stories that occurred in the desert. Woodworkers, sewers and artists in the congregation have lovingly created the story materials. Children and adults are drawn into the stories together as they experience, rather than merely learn about worship.


A story-telling presentation designed to help children meet the God who loves them and wants the best for them.

  for babies and toddlers is available in the nursery just through the door at the front of the sanctuary. 

Nursery Care

Nursery- A nursery program is available for infants and toddlers up to 3 years of age.

We at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church welcome you! In an effort to meet the needs of young families who would like to attend service, we are happy to announce:

  • the nursery is by the church mail-boxes in the library just outside the back of the sanctuary for children under 3 yr. of age
  • the nursery has volunteers available
  • nursing moms- there is a room off of the library with privacy dividers available for your comfort
  • a baby change table is available in the room off of the library

Paul’s People

Gr. 5 –8 Sunday School

The Gr. 5-8 youth enjoy their time together in the lounge in the lower hall of the church. They study the great stories and personalities  of the Bible, and learn who God wants them to be and what God wants to do.

   Gr. 9-12 Senior Class

The Gr. 9-12 youth are an open and inquiring group of young people.  This year we finished off a unit on Tough Questions from the re:form curriculum and we are now embarking on the re:form Ancestors series, the first among which is "Adam and Eve: the lovable screw-ups".  This class spends one Sunday a month in the whole worship service.  The leader for this group is Jay Bailey, in concert with Keith Main and Michael Capper.

Youth Group

Youth in Gr. 8-12 gather at the church for special events and go to youth conferences together.  For more info and to receive updates, please phone the church office.


Children are a special part of our church family and are frequently surprising us with songs as well as Christmas and Easter dramatic presentations.

Games nights, Vacation Bible School, shared meals and mission projects fill out our times together.

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